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  • Who are we?

"Alt F4 d.o.o. - Bulaja naklada" is one of the leading Croatian companies in the field of electronic publishing in education and culture. We exist since 1998 and we are based in Zagreb, Croatia. Our core business is production and publishing of interactive multimedia content and film, and the most successful thing we did so far is international project "Croatian Tales of Long Ago", based on a fairytale book written in 1916 by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, probably the best Croatian writer.

Two founders of the company are Helena and Zvonimir Bulaja. Family business, more or less. However, we have hundreds of collaborators - renowned artists, animators, illustrators, musicians, designers, programmers and other experts from all around the world.

  • Our projects

So far we have published three CD-ROMs "Classics of Croatian Literature", with e-texts of works from the most famous Croatian writers, two CD-ROM "Croatian Tales of Long Ago" in English, German and Croatian language, and Croatian version of "Nutcracker", "Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons", and "Mozart's Magic Flute ", music games produced by our partners from Studio Mobile in New York. Recently we started to publish "deluxe" editions for each individual fairytale from the project "Croatian Tales of Long Ago", a package that includes book, DVD, CD and other surprises - so far we have published two, "Stribor's Forest" and "Neva".

All the publications were bestsellers on Croatian market. But multimedia version of "Croatian Tales of Long Ago" also had remarkable international success - it was selected and/or awarded on more than 25 festivals (animation, new media, design) all around the world, from San Francisco to Seoul and from Annecy to Rio de Janeiro.

Our international multimedia project "Croatian Tales of Long Ago" is a new step towards exploring the relation between digital media and traditional, classic literature. It was also done on the unique way, with 8 independent teams of collaborators from all around the world, whose work was coordinated on the Internet. The authors who contributed to this unique and award-winning international project transferred many of the book magic to the new media. Some of them choose to make interactive stories, others did linear animations, but most of all they all expressed their unique style. Their approach turned out to be very innovative and creative, with unexpected results in both esthetics of the animation and interactivity in the narrative. The whole work was done with Macromedia Flash.

Highly esthetic and sophisticated result of the project was focused on more than 25 festivals and conferences of animation, multimedia and design. It was rated by national Croatian television - HTV , and the best Croatian newspapers - Jutarnji list, as The Best Croatian Cultural and Film project for the past decade! It was studied on many universities worldwide, students and teachers choose our project for their theses, etc.

Our new project, experimental interactive film "Mechanichal Figures" is inspired by Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), great and controversial Serbian / Croatian / American scientist and inventor, whom we have to thank for electricity, radio and many, many other things we use today.

Just like with "Croatian Tales", we gathered an impressive international team of collaborators.

The project should be out soon, and in the meantime, for more information about the project and its development follow this link...

  • What else do we do?

Together with our core publishing business, we do some other things. We organize the "festival of digital creativity" Digital Exchange Croatia - DECro. It happened for the first time in Zagreb in 2003 as a part of Zagreb Film Festival, and was quite cool. In 2005 the program of the festival happened in June in Šibenik on the Croatian coast, as a part of well-known International Children Festival. Our guests there were some of the authors from "Croatian Tales" project. We made a multimedia exhibition and presented our work. The program continued in Zagreb in October 2005, when we hosted Aleen Stein.

  • How to contact us?

All contact information and "technical data" about the company are available here...

  • Our CVs

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