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  • Zvonimir Bulaja - bio
    Zvonimir Bulaja was born in Split, Croatia, in 1971. He has a degree in Philosophy and Comparative Literature at Zagreb University. He also studied Computer Science.
    He worked as an executive editor in the computer magazine Vidi, and collaborated as an author to several other computer and internet magazines.
    In 1998, with his wife Helena he founded a publishing company 'Alt F4 - Bulaja naklada', which became the leading Croatian multimedia and CD-ROM publisher. The company had its first success with the edition "Classics of Croatian Literature", a collection works from Croatian literature classics in e-book form. Zvonimir was the originator and editor-in-chief of this edition. The CDs are still national bestsellers.
    Since 2002 he collaborates on the most successful Croatian interactive animation project: "Croatian Tales of Long Ago", based on a fairytale book written in 1916 by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, originated, edited and produced by his wife Helena.
    The project won lot of international awards and recognitions, at the animation and new media festivals all around the world (San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro Montreux, Toronto, Austin, Zagreb, Annecy, Hamburg, Ottawa, Seoul...). With this unique project Helena gathered together author teams from the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, England, Denmark and Croatia, and each team transferred one of eight fairytales from this famous book into the digital world, with the complete creative freedom. There were more than a hundred people involved in this project: animators, illustrators, musicians, programmers etc. In the leading Croatian media the project was claimed to be the most important project in Croatian animation and cinematography "of the 21st century", "of the past 10 years" etc.
    In 2005 "Bulaja naklada" started the new project, experimental interactive film "Mechanical Figures", inspired by the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, whose main focus is the exploration of the process of creativity. Again, Helena gathered an impressive team of international collaborators, and the project is intended to further move the boundaries of digital media, in the space between the Internet, film and performance. Zvonimir contributes to the project as executive producer, writer, programmer.
    Zvonimir takes care of the regular business of the company, sales etc, and is also working on a new e-book project "Classics of the World Literature", the continuation of the previous one.
    Zvonimir and Helena live in Zagreb and are parents of 4 children.
  • Zvonimir Bulaja
  • photo: Feral Tribune, 2003



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